5 tips for reviewing custom web design in 2022

5 tips for reviewing custom web design in 2022

Don’t you think it can be challenging to give feedback to your designer about your new website?

It might be challenging to express yourself or to express your feelings. Look over the design several times to make sure it meets all of your requirements. Once you’ve had a chance to review the site and absorb everything happening, it’s time to provide feedback. The American Web Coders Reviews section is a must to have a look at and take examples from. It is always better to see what some outstanding web design companies are doing to produce something bigger and better for your businesses.

You can comment on a page like the one you’re viewing. It helps when you are making particular remarks. But what about the other questions you may have? Providing constructive feedback to your designer can make a world of difference. This article is all about reviewing a custom website design to have a better website in the future. Let us start! 

Track your local and international competitors

Sometimes you might be thinking how other companies are doing pretty good in the market. Their revenues are increasing, and their reputation is getting bigger and better. But how is that coming along? Well, in simple words, they have some fantastic ways to go for comparative analysis.

Comparative analysis helps you spot the significant differences that your local and international competitors might be doing. Hence, it is integral to track them all.

It is crucial to see the following elements on your competitor’s web designs.


It is a must to see the layout of a web design. Structure plays an essential role in talking about what is a priority of a business. Moreover, the simpler the arrangement, the more effective it is going to be. Hence, as a reviewer, you should distinguish between the best web design layout and the most ineffective one. Once you do that, you can draw relevant conclusions.


See what kind of typographies your competitors are using on their websites.  Typography plays a crucial role in depicting your brand personality. However, it is also essential to see how many combinations of typefaces your competitors are using in their websites.  All of this will let you have a good idea about your website.

Brand voice

It is important to note how the competitors are following their brand voice. However, every website has a purpose of serving, and if you do not depict the goal, there is no point in working hard on other website marketing techniques. See how the competitors are representing their particular brand voice through their website and what are the things that they are doing differently.

Implementation of CTAs

You and your competitors might have a close thought process on the CTAs. However, it is essential to implement the CTAs to a website to generate maximum action. The competitor’s website you are reviewing will always have great CTAs, and it is crucial to make notes on all of them. Hence, see how they are incorporating the CTAs on their websites and get ideas from them.

Stylization and photography

The photography and stylization of graphics is a must to review your competitor’s web design. You might derive possible solutions or maybe some unique ideas in your mind.

See if your custom web design is unique

Every organization has something unique to offer to its prospective clientele. You cannot simply quote the brand message and then wait for massive results to come in. However, it is essential to create something enticing yet unique in your website design.

If we look at the modern trends deeply, we can see how organizations incorporate technology in their designs to make them look more appealing. See, your motive is to attract the users and persuade them to take action on your website. However, only exciting designs can help you attain maximum results.

More actions mean more results

A website plays a crucial role as being the sole representative of your business in the online world. The primary purpose is to drive more traffic to it and hit more sales. Hence, it would be best to make sure the website has all the relevant actions on it. A single call-to-action button is not enough. However, it would be best if you tried adding relevant CTAs on different parts of the website.

In short, more action-oriented integrations lead to better results. When reviewing your competitor’s website, it is essential to note the type of CTAs they incorporate into their websites. We are sure you will learn a lot from them.

Check for the consistency

Consistency matters, and it plays a vital role in telling the site visitors about your business. Your business plays a functional role in providing the clients with specific services. Altogether, it would be best if you always depicted this phenomenon by maintaining consistency throughout the website. Your landing pages, photographs, and the text you are adding the need to be in perfect sync.

The sync and consistency you create will positively affect the visitors. However, it is essential to review your competitors’ websites to work on yours for a custom website design. If you want to have a more compelling approach to your website, the best way is to work on the following aspects.

The color theory

The color theory you have on the homepage needs to be on all your website’s landing pages. Do not make it look as if it is not a part of your business.

Brand message

The brand message you have on the homepage of your website should be represented similarly. If not in the same style, then it should maintain the connection throughout.

Relevant action

The call to action on each landing page should be centralized to attract the customers to take the same activity.


You have a definite purpose for using particular typography for your website. Each typeface has a long history. You should be able to maintain it throughout the website.

Layout and balance

The balance of text, pictures, and various other graphics on your website depicts a meaning about your business. The layout you follow on the homepage needs to sync with the landing pages of your website.

Shine your business through a new integration

You can always let your business take a progressive approach by integrating new elements into it. The details can be in the form of explainer videos, motion graphics, or anything that can entice your visitors.

However, you have numerous ways to compel your potential buyers by adding the newest forms of integrations. All the best!

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