5 Ways Custom Web Design Can Boost Your Conversions

5 Ways Custom Web Design Can Boost Your Conversions

Do you know your ecommerce website serves as your storefront in this digital era? Your web design must be aesthetically pleasing to your target customers as much as the brick-and-mortar stores are. According to reports, on average online users take almost 50 seconds to create an opinion about your business based on your ecommerce website.


It is hard to believe that a lousy web design results in a loss of approximately $1.73 billion in business sales. On the contrary, a responsive web design helps in optimizing conversion rates and driving more sales. Any business or enterprise that is looking for a solid foundation must focus on its conversion rates.


How can a web design help you in converting website leads into sales?

According to reports, it is estimated that 48% of online users believe that a web design is a crucial component of a website when it comes to determining the credibility of an ecommerce business. There are 38% of online users that stop visiting a website that they find unappealing.


 Your website is the first interaction between you and your prospects. Most of the potential customers perceive your brand through your website layout and design. Your web design says a lot about your business and the products you are offering on your website.

 An aesthetically pleasing and finely curated website can take your business to the next level in no time. Many custom web design companies provide responsive and user-friendly website designs to cater to your business demands.


Custom website design comes with an interactive and easy-to-navigate website layout to optimize your conversion rates. It will help your business stand out from the competition in the competitive digital marketplace.


5 Way you can use your website design to optimize your conversion rates

In this blog, you will learn five ways you can use your website design to boost your conversion rates. So, let’s start straight away.


Stay consistent in your branding

Your branding plays a significant role in your interaction with your target audience. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, it is essential to remain consistent in your branding to reach out to more potential customers.


 A well thought and consistent branding will help your brand connect with the right target audience to boost your conversions and drive more organic sales to your business. If you want your ecommerce business to look genuine and engaging, you have to make sure your branding is consistent.

That’s why it is vital to keep your online marketing strategies congruent with your website design. Building your online brand can help you improve your website’s organic rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).


Since Google has changed its algorithms to rank the websites, only websites with high-quality content and consistent branding will appear on the first pages of the search engine result pages (SERPs). Brand uniformity will help you build your brand credibility both in the eyes of your prospects and in the search engines.


Choose a great color contrast

Colors have the ability to influence the perspective of a customer towards a brand. Using color contrast will help you in attracting more potential customers to your website. It is essential to choose the right colors for your website to make your brand stand out.


Highlight your call-to-action buttons with bright colors to make them visible to both your customers and website visitors. Your brand identity is closely related to its colors to convey your brand messages to your customers in an effective way.


Using the right colors can stir positive emotions in your target audience. So, choose the right colors for your website that resonate with your online brand.


Make use of the negative space

Don’t be afraid of the negative space in your website, as it can produce a significant effect on your web design. Negative space, also known as white space, is basically an area left empty in the design layout.


The purpose of negative space is to draw attention to the primary subject in the website, such as logo design. A website with lots of clutter significantly reduces the number of web visitors to a website. It is essential to cut through the noise in this highly cluttered world.


If you want to optimize your conversion rates, make sure your website is clutter-free to make your website content more visible to your clients. A website with more space looks aesthetically pleasing to your target audience, and it gives a more refined vibe about your brand.


Use high-quality images

It is critical to use attractive and high-quality images to allure more target audiences to your website. Most of the customers make an impression about your brand by looking at your website images. Therefore, use the right images to showcase your products and services on your website.


Never use stock images for advertising your products on your website; instead, create your images to ensure brand authenticity. Creating unique photos and custom graphics takes a lot of time and effort, but it will make your brand stand out from the rest.

Prioritize website performance and loading speed

Last but not least, you need to optimize your webpage loading and performance to boost your conversions. Slow-loading web pages can hurt your website conversions more than anything else. A website should be responsive with an easy-to-navigate web design and fast loading webpages.


A visually appealing website won’t help your brand if it is slow loading and unresponsive. For conversion rate optimization, make sure your web design is highly responsive and provides a high user experience to your across-the-board customers.


It’s a Wrap

In this era, where digital technology has taken center stage, it is crucial for every business to ensure its digital presence. An interactive and user-friendly website plays a significant role in the success of an ecommerce business. Therefore, you should invest in your website design to attract more potential customers to your website.

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