5 Web Development Basics Everyone Should Know

5 Web Development Basics Everyone Should Know

Some people assume creating a website is a piece of cake. You watch a few YouTube videos, use web design tools, exercise software magic, and voila! No, that is not the case at all. Creating a website that captures the attention of the public users implies more than just learning different programming languages. Other concepts to learn development include GitHub, DevTools, Oracle database, database formats, measuring, Interfaces, plugins, and so on.

The website’s design is the first phase built from the user’s perspective. Adobe XD and Figma is two popular software names designers use to create stunning website visuals. But what comes next is like a second-to-none thing. We’re talking about website development. For this, expert programmers' type in hundreds and thousands of code commands. Hence, pave ways to give the designer’s imaginations the true face – a fully functional website.

In addition, you must become proficient in web development tools such as Angular.JS, Sass, Chrome DevTools, and CodePen. These are the standard and universal web software(s) to help you reach the top-tier expertise level. So, learn the basics by learning major website development applications.

Please calm down if you are getting too excited after viewing a few stunning websites. Remember, you must be passionate if you wish to excel in web development. Secondly, you must be thirsty enough to skim through the following and absorb crucial website-building information:

1. Love at first sight or heartbreak

It takes less than a second for a user to make their view on the organization. So, make sure the website looks arresting with every eye-catching stimulus in place. First glance either seals the deal or breaks the heart, so the designers and developers must coordinate. Ensure the website includes sufficient magic spells in the backpack, an inspiring background theme, a well-ordered navigation bar, classic typography (fonts), charming brand personas, etc.

Furthermore, the website’s genetic makeup should per on point. If it isn’t, expect chaos and loss of customers and cash; your investments made with your hard-earned investments. Make sure the overall design, stylization, appearance, color combinations, motion graphics, monitoring, and maintenance are in order. Good luck!

 2. Top 3 coding languages

The three universal coding dialects are like building blocks of websites every programmer should know. Responsive website interfaces are built using the two most prevalent coding languages. Eventually, you will discover the website’s maximum potential using these languages sooner or later. These are HTML and CSS. Right-click your search engine’s browser and select the ‘View Page’’. The best part is that HTML tags come in handy for numerous purposes.

On the other hand, CSS is used in the front-end to determine the style, design, layout, and how HTML elements should be displayed on the screen. Lastly, JavaScript is prevalent nowadays owing to its straightforward code database. It is primarily responsible for making your HTML pages robustly active and user-friendly interactive.

 3. Browser DevTools know-how

Since websites are available in infinite numbers, expect countless development tools and applications for them. Popularly called as DevTools, you got plenty of software at hand to tweak and fine-tune as per your preference(s).

For example, you can use browser DevTools to debug, edit HTML elements, track Javascript errors, edit CSS properties, check devices, and so on. Every programmer must know how to use DevTools’ various tabs (elements, controls, connections, and so on) to make their work easier and faster.

Remember that it highly depends on your browser. Yes, you heard it right! – even search engines comprise software to help you infuse feasible website development elements. You can use any DevTools like Chrome DevTools, Stack Overflow, Firefox DevTools, or whatever browser you use. People prefer using Chrome DevTools ad its counterpart (Firefox version) to develop, test, and debug web applications. But in the end, it is the developer’s choice which search engine they use to develop the website.

 4. Persistently learning and cultivating

The world is moving fast, and so are the industries. Therefore, you must act fast to stay in the game. Never stop learning; enlighten yourself with the latest trends and technologies in website design and development. Stay ahead of the curve by becoming well-informed about everything just hatched from the egg. Learn more about avant-garde digital inventions and programming languages as well. Keep an eye on what customers want to stay satisfied.

5. Time management and priority-based work

Working in web development agency can be incredibly exhausting and chaotic. It is more complicated than simple web design planning. Projects continue to accumulate, and deadlines loom ever closer. Prioritizing tasks is critical if you wish to stay in the game.

Many developers experience this simply because they never took the time to improve their organizational skills. Here are some quick, valuable tips to help you become more committed and avoid missing deadlines:


  • Create a to-do list and emphasize prioritizing the most urgent and essential tasks. Keep everything else on snooze and pending mode. Other things will sometimes have to wait.


  • Regularly checklist in the morning and sketch out a quick plan for the day. Even if things don’t always go as planned, having one in place will make you much more productive.
  • Set alerts to notify you of the crucial tasks and project steps you want to complete at specific times of the day or week. Completely disregard everything else if necessary to meet your transitory deadlines.


  • Talk with your manager or clients as soon as possible if you fall short of deadlines. It’s not ideal, but it’s also not the end of the world. The sooner you inform them, the sooner they can start preparing.


  • Use the 80/20 rule to pinpoint daily activities that devour too much of your time without producing enough outcomes. You might be amazed at how much time you spend all day doing things that take far too long for the results you get.

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