What is the difference between custom web design & template web design?

What is the difference between custom web design & template web design?

Nowadays, everyone is on a roll online to make decent profits out of it. The eCommerce phenomenon has enabled business persons to kick start their startups with better forecasts for affluent business success. So much so that even the well-off companies and multinationals cannot survive unless they take the online route to drive sales. Stop with the excitement and adrenaline rushing in the veins already! Remember, everything comes with a price. And the price for this business proposal is that you buy a website.

Nowadays, everyone can create a website by using online platforms like Weebly, WordPress, and Site123, among many others. Don’t get too comfortable. First, know the main difference between a custom web design and a website made by using readymade templates. As the words suggest, a customized site takes different elements and bonds them into one piece. For instance, you can take the building blocks of life to understand this perspective. On the other hand, templates are pretty much those versions that are already built by web designers. You can easily download these pre-configured site layouts for free on the internet.

Furthermore, there are many things you should know about these two distinctive site models. You should not decide to create a website for yourself or your brand if you’re not well-informed about these site characteristics. So, without further ado, let’s dig in to check the main differences you should be aware of.

1. A Custom-built Website Design

Unique and distinctive design

Getting a website done by a web development company in the USA or UK is like buying a tailored dress for a special occasion. You get to decide its central theme, colors, styles, size, shape, and other orientations. In other words, you pick the bits and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to complete the picture.

Scalability, Flexibility, and easily Controllable

The best part of custom web design for a website is that they’re easy to volume up or down. You’re the one in control to make it look intense as a storm or calm as a harbor’s bridge at night. Simply put, you control its simplicity and pathways to make it look stylishly intricate. Besides, a custom-built website is more flexible and offers different options to twist, turn, and transform it as per your liking.

Updated with excellent SEO optimization

Another significant benefit of personalized websites is that they offer updates regularly. Also, they are better off when it comes to optimizing them for the web. Google and other search engines prefer crawling and indexing sites that show signs of expertly done customizations.

Well-supported by the makers

Business owners and companies have the upper hand over their rivals who opt for readymade templates for their websites. Websites with customizations have good features ‘support with several useful plugins that work resourcefully in time of need.

Made-to-order websites are expensive

Don’t get overexcited, nor get on the nerves of your rivals. It’s too early to say you’re winning the competition. Sorry to break the bubble here, but custom-built websites are far more expensive. It is the primary reason why business persons download templates. Either these readymade site designs are free or come with a dirt-cheap price tag. 

Lengthier development & design progress

Last but not least,  and not as you expect. Customizable websites take time to develop. You can visualize it like a LEGO toy set where you slot in the blocks to build something that looks better every time you become skillful at it. In other words, bespoke websites are frequently on a roll to get updates for their development ends (front and back) and design enhancements.

2. Readymade Website Templates

Disparities in design

Site templates are not always like as you see them on the internet. Things can get pretty rough and scary once you hit the download button. Therefore, never go with templates that have a price tag on them. Do your research first to find suitable designs that show promising results for your e-business ventures.

Cost-effective and requires few developments procedures

Probably the most significant benefit of templates is that they are very affordable and require shorter development procedures. Many digital web development and designing companies offer DIY website projects by using these templates. Popular website builders include WordPress, Squarespace, SITE123, and Weebly in this regard. However, there is some stuff you need to know in these templates. Hence, the learning curve is always present there.

Non-flexible customization features

The saddest part is that templates aren’t flexible enough to experiment with your web development and designing skills. For instance, these readymade website designs are either made for desktops or are mobile-friendly. It means that these layouts aren’t interchangeable nor offer customizations for on-site makeovers.

Strict to a website builder with little or ‘no support’

Either the site templates you download are well-supported or not supported at all. Therefore, it is better to read about the readymade layout you’re considering downloading. Fingers crossed!

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