Definitive Guide of WordPress Web Design

Definitive Guide of WordPress Web Design

Since the year 2015 to this day, WordPress has become a brand name itself. It is an open-source platform for programmers and business enthusiasts to develop their websites. The CMS of this platform is robust and practicable for programmers to add numerous interactive elements. Over the years, WordPress has contributed a lot to creating hundreds and thousands of websites worldwide. It is the main reason it was called one of the most popular website builders in 2015. Many people think that WordPress is a blogging site. Well, it’s true for the dot com version. However, you can also install the website builder software from the dot org URL.

Furthermore, WordPress is the most commonly used website builder globally. Every person who has little knowledge about online business or digital marketing knows what we’re talking about. The site creator is easy to use. Any non-programmers can use it to create a webpage. The software is available for free without any hidden charges. Besides, the WordPress web design comes with sundry options to help you make an excellent site for yourself.

Surprisingly, this notable open-source world to generate highly responsive websites supports major computer languages. It allows coding in CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript formats. One of the best features of WordPress is its clean content handling features. You’re able to maintain your website information in a well-ordered manner. Undeniably, it works like magic and has a lot in the backpack to blow you away with amazement. Now, let us shed some light on its definitive cutting-edge techniques and technologies. So here we go!

1. Hire an experienced WordPress web host

The first step to creating a stunning WordPress website is to find a host that deserves the job spot. Sadly, this part of website building is ignored by the masses. It is the primary reason many sites turn out to become nothing but a loss of investment and energy. You can hire an expert or a company to sort out things for you. They will provide you with a server and other capabilities attached to it.

The WordPress web development requires your host to develop an effective strategy for your business or brand beforehand. They will gather resources, design your site, help you choose a theme, and select suitable plugins for your site. In simple words, the host will create a gateway for your customers by adding features to create a smooth result-attainable experience. There are a few things you need to consider before hiring a website host. They are as follows:

        Choose a hosting company that offers WordPress services because not every firm provides them.

        Select a website host who has experience in creating responsive websites. They’re able to create sites that load faster on the internet.

        Make sure the server availability and company assurance up-time is more than 99.9%. It means that they should remain operational to provide you with online assistance.

        Your hosting company should offer 24/7 customer support.

        Make sure your web host provides you with site security and consistent data backups on cloud servers.

2. Install WordPress using Fantastico or Softaculous

After selecting your website host, now it’s time to install WordPress. It hardly requires 2 to 3 minutes to download and is an easy stepwise process. Relax and get started!

The best way to install WordPress software is by using Fantastico or Softaculous. Follow the simple steps below to get it done in no time:

The easiest way to install WordPress is to use either Fantastico or Softaculous.

Follow the steps below to install it.

i). Sign in to your cPanel.

ii). Select Softaculous or Fantastico under Software/Server provided by your host.

iii). Look for WordPress and click it.

iv). Click on the new installation and install.

v). Add all the following details to initiate. Fill in these credentials to continue with the installation process.

  1. Choose your domain name.
  2. Select your directory. Choose your sub-domain ( or download it from (
  3. Please create your username and password to use it next time you enter into the WordPress dashboard.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Click Install.

3. Choose a suitable brand name and theme

Now the next step is to choose a suitable brand name and theme for your business. It should be captivating and easy to utter on the tongues. Therefore, go with something domesticated or popularly exclaimed by everyone. Next, choose a theme that compliments your brand name. It will help you add personalized touches to your eCommerce WordPress website. As well, make it look more human and easier to understand whoever visits it. There are numerous platforms where you can download WordPress themes for free. Popular places to find awesome templates include Envato, Elegant Themes Divi,, Astra, and Themify, to name a few.

4. Install workable website plugins

Now it is time to power up your WordPress site with resourceful plugins. These not only add unique features to your site but also add authority to it. Plus, your website brings a lot of usability to the table for users, helping them attain results from your website. First and foremost, add Yoast SEO for WordPress.

However, there are countless add-ons to enhance the functionality of your website but select only those that add pragmatism to your WordPress platform. For instance, you can choose Sucuri for protection against malware. Use Updraft Plus to create your website’s backup. The W3 Total Cache plugin improves the performance and speeds of your site. Akismet scans and removes spam and hateful user comments. Other popular plugins that can come in handy include WP Smush Pro, Floating Social Bar, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, and SumoMe.

 5. Create web pages and creative posts

Once you get the complete picture of your WordPress website, now it’s time to add unique pages and start making posts. Creating pages help you with adding different themes and content inside it. You can offer additional services and products within the same website by applying diversity on each page. Remember, search engine optimization is crucial for your website. Also, hire a content writer and create an editorial calendar as well. Be consistent with your website content and regularly apply changes to your website. It will help you get more traffic and generate leads. Good luck!

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