How Trustpilot Reviews a Brand Website?

How Trustpilot Reviews a Brand Website?

Trustpilot is a freemium reviewing platform for both businesses and customers founded in 2007. It’s one of the most popular consumer review platforms based in Denmark. Around one million new reviews are posted on the website every month. Trust pilot’s prevalent acceptance is easily exemplified only by knowing that it’s listed on the London Stock Exchange and exists on the FTSE 250 Index.

Trustpilot reviews are put by buyers who have bought a product or service through an online platform. They put their experience into words and measure the brand ratings from a 1-t0-5 scale. For instance, the American Web Coders has 70+ positive reviews. It sits with an excellent grade based on its ratings of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. There are several examples besides this brand that exceeds in millions.

What’s the purpose of Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is an online community of businesses and buyers. It connects both of them through valuable feedback made directly on the company’s Trustpilot account. The main objective of Trustpilot is to connect consumers with online vendors. It helps both parties to know about each other more openly and expressively.

Furthermore, Trustpilot wants businesses to collect reviews and use them purposefully. Engage with their customers to know about their problems, and resolve them as soon as possible. They also want customers to familiarize themselves with businesses, products, and services through their comprehensive reviewing platform.

1. Free-for-all without any brandishing borders

Trustpilot works on the principle of forum thread posts. It’s all about high-quality user-generated content that people can rely on and recommend. It’s a free open space to discuss and review products and business services. Everyone can express their opinions and share their experiences with brands and products. In simple words, it’s an open-source platform to help others make their decisions when buying their products and services.

2. Shared experience builds communal trust

User reviews on Trustpilot are a means to break all the secret codes of shady businesses. They help create a balance between brands and the choices of people they make. It provides transparency by their verdicts based on practical use. Reviews reflect their sentiments about a product or service they bought in the past.

Reviews reflection of a product through their words. Trustpilot is all about creating trustworthiness between buyers and businesses.

How does the Trustpilot model work for businesses?

Trustpilot is a freemium platform that anyone can use without paying any fees. So much so that companies can even request their customers to leave a review on the forum. Besides, we also offer paid services where companies can use Trustpilot reviews and show them on their websites. Thus, win more potential customers, generate more organic traffic, and enjoy ROI conversions as well. You can also use these reviews for your email and social media marketing campaigns.

1. From Trustpilot’s consumer POV

The consumer point-of-view is all about revealing the pros and cons of a product. Consumer-centric reviews are more popular and generally read by the public as compared to business-centric ones.

2. From Trustpilot’s Business POV

Brands and businesses can invite their customers to leave their evaluations by using our invitation methods. However, companies should ensure there is no bias and bribery involved during the process. Sadly, many businesses hire fake reviewers to post counterfeit assessments about their products that are quite different in reality.

3. Edit/deletion of Review in real-time

Yes! You can edit and delete the reviews you wrote on Trustpilot. These comments are posted instantly, just like your comment on social media. Its user-generated content. Hence, it’s up to the individuals who posted them. They can either keep it, rephrase it, or remove it.

4. The ‘Flagging reviews’ option

Trustpilot is an open-source to post reviews and comment on businesses freely. But it doesn’t mean that the people behind the platform are snoozing. They’re always active and willing to take action against any suspicious activities performed on the forum. All businesses and customers can use the ‘review flagging’ option to flag a review that looks fake or goes against Trustpilot reviewing guidelines.

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