Best 5 Ways to get more online customer reviews on Trustpilot

Best 5 Ways to get more online customer reviews on Trustpilot

Building your brand’s online reputation with a scurrying effort might sound like a joke to you. But it’s happening. Don’t trust me?! Okay! Head on to Google, type Trustpilot and check on reviews of the top companies churning online medium to the best of their advantage? Eventually, feeling the heat already?! Calm down and take a cool breather. You can earn respect and fortitude for your online business by grabbing genuine reviews from clients.

You should know that people buy products and services frequently, but not everyone gives their appraisals for them. After all, time is money, and not every person has extra time on the dial, right?! Therefore, you have to follow a few strategies to game up your gambling to receive reviews in exchange for your facilities. You have to work round-the-clock as USA and UK software houses. It is the primary reason you find several great American web coders reviews on Trustpilot.

Below are some tricks that you can use to encourage your clients to pen down their emotional state and understand the amenities they bought from you.

1) Open up with your customers

The best and the fastest way to earn reviews on Trustpilot is that you talk directly to your customers. It is best to send requests for reviews to your loyal customers who know that you’re the real deal. Encourage your long-term clients to help you attract new customers by writing their genuine reviews on Trustpilot.

Moreover, you can ask for feedback if you have an in-store presence on different online shopping platforms. Also, be sure to ask for reviews on time as soon as your client purchases the product/service from your store. Besides, customer reviews tell a lot about your brand. You can boost your customers’ retention by using the feedback you receive on Trustpilot. Please take it as constructive criticism to better your in-store features to improve buyers’ experience.

2) Collect feedback on the spot

Thankfully, Trustpilot has got a bit of an upgrade and now offers exclusive Feedback Stickers to customers. As a result, they are helping brands and eCommerce businesses to earn more reviews from clients. It also tells the story of whether a company cares about its clients or not. Are they requesting reviews from buyers on time or not?

Do not be scared to think outside the box. Besides, you can stamp in feedback collection to your items, parcel boxes, and brochures. Do anything to step up the game to get reviews to enhance the response rates of buyers.


3) Use Emails, SMS, and Push Notifications

Probably one of the best ways to get reviews on Trustpilot. You can create a sequential email marketing strategy and send emails to your customers. Also, you can send SMS on their smartphones and notify them via push notifications on the mobile app.


4) Remind your loyal customers

Sorry to repeat this in time. Your devoted and long-term clients should mean the world to you. It means that you can send them multiple emails, SMS, and messages on their phones. Besides, they are your best friends that trust you, your products, and your web design services. Make sure you, at least, get positive reviews from these guys. Good luck!


5) Counterbalance Trustpilot reviews with third-party review platforms

Compliment your Trustpilot reviews by using other similar platforms. Popular alternatives include Amazon Customers (if you own a store on Amazon),, Bazaar voice, Angie’s List, Yelp, Google Customer Reviews, Power Reviews, etc.

Bottom Line

Trustpilot is a platform that offers the most genuine analysis of customers based on their experience. Hence, you should ask your customers to write down their feedback on the world’s most popular website trusted by millions. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Lastly, around 90% of online shoppers read reviews, and more than 70% look for buyers’ preferences. So, you better hurry to make the best use of ‘Trustpilot’ reviews to your advantage.

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