Top 8 Website Features that attract more Customers

Top 8 Website Features that attract more Customers

When visiting a website, making people feel at home is like telling them to behave when guests are around. Indeed, internet sites don’t have that snugly dwelling appeal. We cannot imagine making them comfy grounds where we or others can enjoy spending their time. Surprisingly, the winds and sails are in our favor nowadays. Orthodox sites that were once all-out insipid have come out stronger.

Now, we can modify them and make desirable changes as per our wishes. Thanks to the new digital technologies and new-fangled trends that happen in a breeze. Today, we can tweak boring websites with tuneful feels and features. We can easily turn the standstill site tides into website waves that will move visitors.

Besides, you can also buy web design services online, but having enough know-how is essential. You cannot control the vessel but can motivate the captain by becoming a helping hand – have sufficient knowledge. Remember, attracting visitors and turning them into your loyal customers is like catching fish with cats. So, you better be on it! The following are the best eight attractive website features to make it more pleasingly wholesome:

 1. A responsive Website Theme

The website looks like it matters because it is the first thing we perceive, just like people. A glance is like eye contact with a person that tells a lot about them. So, make sure your site’s home page veneer is vibrant. You can add different elements and features, but the theme comes first. It should be the first choice if you wish to make a website that looks fascinating. Ensure the template you use corresponds to your business niche. It represents your brand like a marriage between two couples made for each other. Astra, OceanWP, Hestia, Avada, Divi, The7, and SeedProd are popular WordPress themes.

2. Well-thought-out Content

Sew your blank website with creative writings. This compelling textual embroidery will only add to your site’s design. Therefore, hire professional writers who are well-versed in web copywriting. Hire such specialists that know how to etch the right keywords. Besides, what can be better than optimizing your website for the web? Nothing, right?!

High-quality writing always gets the better of everything on a website, even when it looks old-fashioned. But writing lengthy information can certainly dim out the entire site experience. Hence, only add swallowable content in a gulp – at a glance. People don’t have the time to read full-fledged booklets on websites. Mind it!

3. High-quality Visuals

Next comes the pictures that speak a thousand words. You cannot imagine only words do that talking. Imagine going out with your buddies at a restaurant and drinking tea without cookies. Adding high-quality images only adds to the menu: cakes, wafers, sandwiches, cream scones, iced buns, and shortbreads. Ensure you add an art representation with every information, product, service, person, and anything that conciliates with them.

 4. A disciplined Navigation Bar

Classifying products in pecking order – in alphabetical order is perfect. Besides, adding products and services according to their nature and model is excellent. It makes your site look professional, earning you respect from onlookers. People love websites with a navigation bar with items lodged in a hierarchy. Besides, it’s one of those features that attract more visitors, having no time to slip into the bewildering forest.

5. Animations & Videos

Let’s take images to the next level – let us move them to inspire others. What say? You can use motion graphics or any other software tool to create short and sweet cartoon animations. Also, making videos using Adobe or simply through your phone camera can create magic. But make sure you edit the raw reel before posting it on your website. It’s not YouTube where your optimistic edit-free video will earn a million views. For websites, uploading videos after editing shows your professionalism and seriousness about the job. And, of course, attract more people to your website.

6. Eye-catching Page Transition Effects

Apart from animations and videos, sliding in unique cues and dashes can add to your site’s remarkable resound. We’re talking about the attention-grabbing FX magic to each website page. You can sync each page to ensure things flow smoothly. Or else, add unique charms like those windchimes of steel, wood, or glass with distinctive dings. Imagine having these enthralling elements on your website. Besides, people love those websites more where there’s more to explore. The world is progressing – and so are the websites.

7. Reviews & Testimonials

Though not an integral feature of the website, estimates given by users can undoubtedly catch the eyes and ears. We are talking about statements by genuine buyers who bought products and services from a website. Testimonials are short notes written by real people on a lighter note but have significant weight. Likewise, it is a great idea to request people review your products and post their thoughts on review sites.

Of course, adding a feedback form feature on a website is compulsory. It is a site feature not many people consider adding to their platform. Eventually, they lose customers who wish to send their thoughts about how they feel about their brand.

8. Multiple Payment Methods

Surely, this is one of those website features that are a must if you run an eCommerce website. We live in a modern world where we can buy stuff with a card swipe, but the ‘cash on delivery payment option is the best. You can also add the cryptocurrency payment space if you wish. But still, it’s not a safer option owing to its volatile nature. Not to mention that many countries are still not considering using digital currency anytime soon.

In conclusion, we can assume that a website's feature depends upon its nature. You can follow these captions or find the best ones on the internet. Remember, decorating your website with unique flaunts and features is crucial nowadays. People hate things that have no thought-provoking elements in them. Websites fall in this same category. Shuffle a few things in and out to make your refined website shine distinctively.

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