The God Addict is an organization that believes in providing information and inspiring people around the globe through the inspiration of Jesus Christ, bringing a life-altering change in people to overcome addiction—making themselves a premier addiction recovery solution.

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Project Overview

The top management of The God Addict approached us to redesign their website because they were not satisfied with their previous gloomy website.

The Problems the Organization Was Facing

Upon visiting The God Addict’s old website, there was not much to speak of in design. There was little in the way of content, and what content did exist turned out to be out of date or imprecise. Paired with this were many broken page links, abolishing their SEO by foremost people to 404 pages instead of what they were penetrating for first.


The design was the first step to safeguard that their website could reach the organization’s mission. The design was made more engaging and easier to look for a section on the website.


The efforts of making a redesigned website for The God Addicts were paid off. With a clean design and efficient content, visitors can now look for what they are curious about without any 404 errors to be found. More, the new website witnessed 60% of new traffic due to optimized web content.

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