Generations trucking group LLC offers shipping solutions in the US. They are licensed and insured, serving the greater Houston area and surroundings for years. Their business is a legacy-making generational wealth.

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Project Overview

Generations trucking group LLC was missing the online presence in this digital era. The management of the company contacted us to build a website within their given budget.

The Difficulties They Encountered

During covid, their business was not booming at all, as they were facing a lot of troubles because of the lockdown, as their sale was decreasing day by day and they wanted something to help them out during this challenging time, as their clients couldn’t contact them freely or look at the services they were offering.

Friendly – User Website

We listened to their queries and gathered our experts to create a friendly-user website as they had no idea how a website would work for their clients. This approach allowed audiences to navigate through online websites easily.

Audience Engagement Through Digital Branding

The company also asked us to design a unique logo and digital branding, which is a key element for engaging the audience online and building trust in the company.


Once the website was created and up and running, their sales started increasing as many people wanted to have an online shipping service. The company received more orders. After two months, the company also signed up with us for the website maintenance service.

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