Taylor’s Pantry, founded in 2008, is a food delivery company located in Scottsdale Airpark. The company delivers fresh, hygienic, and delicious food to commercial offices, homes, and private jets. The food menu is simple, but the cuisines are mouthwatering. The food quality does all the heavy lifting, while the customer service keeps the clients in.

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Project Overview

The food delivery company hired American Web Coders to build a website that would help the business reach the target audience, display the menu, and improve sales.

Easy to Navigate Website

The company wanted a simple website and easy to navigate. We designed an engaging catalog and deepened their online existence for search engines as well as the users. Our website designers created a user-friendly website with enhanced navigation and used concise and meaningful content that included relevant information, including the menu, story, and contact details.

Style Concept

The company wanted a simple website design with colors, typography, and the overall style to match their product packaging. The objective was to design a simple website true to their passion for simple ingredients, with the addition of amazing photos of their popular dishes.

Summing Up the Experience

After getting their website designed by American Web Coders, Taylor’s Pantry management feels delighted and as fresh as their ingredients. We helped the company reach its target audience by creating a spectacular website. As a result, the monthly orders increased by 45%, and the brand awareness enhanced significantly.

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